Saturday, January 27, 2007

sing with the family

I bought Kim a piano for Christmas. She's been talking about getting one for years, so I finally took the hint. We both played as kids, and we had talked about really wanting Tiz to grow up with music as an influence in her life. Turned out Kim is way better than me, so here I am practicing diligently trying to catch up. Over the last few weeks Tiz has really found her voice and she sings and coos enthusiastically with us, so I'm confident we've got a solid future as family band.

The only thing holding us back from stardom was a cool band name, so I applied myself to the task. I ultimately found inspiration in a funny confession Kim once made to me. As a child, she used to tell classmates that she was part Cherokee Indian and had a horse named Blueberry. She was, in fact, German and English and had once ridden a horse named Blueberry. I called our friend Josh who, along with his wife Margaret owns Dovetail Studios (see their link on the sidebar) and asked him to screen us some uniforms. And so, a great band is born...

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