Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ann arbor

We just got back from an amazing trip to Ann Arbor. Even though Tiz stayed behind at her Grandma's, I thought I'd post some thoughts and photos anyway.

My Friend Nate is a pilot and he had to bring his plane to Ann Arbor for maintenance, so we hitched a ride. We enjoyed the plush appointments of the Pilatus and some amazing cloud formations over Lake Michigan.

Once in Ann Arbor, our mission began. Ann Arbor is an amazing food town and we'd brought Katie and Emma, co-workers from The Feast, to get inspired. Our goal was to pack in as much as possible into 24 short hours.

We began at the Farmer's Market, where we bellied up to a funky Korean lunch counter to steaming bowls of bi bim bop and bulgogi. We also sampled their interperation of an American classic... the Seoul Dog was a fried all-beef hot dog smothered in kim chee and served on a sesame seed bun. Wow.

We strolled over to Zingerman's, a deli not unlike Moveable Feast that has grown over the years to include a bakery, creamery, restaurant, this quirky coffee & donut trailer and more. They were an inspiration.

Later Sunday night we dined at Eve, a farm-to-table restaurant of national acclaim.

Monday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, stocked up on snacks back at Zingerman's deli for a picnic, and headed home refreshed and inspired. On the way we passed a truck carrying these little pigs and I came perilously close to crashing the car to get this shot!

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