Monday, July 23, 2007

goin' back to Cali

Tiz was in California last July, but since she was still in the womb the golden state missed out on a lot of her charm and charisma, so we decided to bring her back for an encore. We flew into Oakland then drove up to Napa, where our friends Mitch & April live. It was a great few days visiting with them and enjoying some amazing food and wine. Here are the highlights...

After our long flight the first thing we needed to do was eat. We raced to Berkley and arrived just in time to be seated at Chez Panisse before they stopped serving lunch.

After lunch we strolled around Berkley for a bit and stopped at this flower shop to get a bouquet for April. The flowers were pretty and Tiz fits right in, wouldn't you say?

Once we arrived in Napa it was time for a little relaxing in the hot tub... Could we get some Crystal over here, please?

On Saturday we took Tiz to the shore so she could dip her toes in the mighty Pacific. We played in the waves for a bit and walked along the beach. Only as we were leaving did we spot the sign warning of a recent great white shark attack... oops. But what can we say, shark attack was definately not covered in our infant care class.

Back on terra firma Tiz posed for this cute shot entitled Sandy Toes.


  1. Thank you for the fun new photos. A vacation should always be a good time and it looks like you all had one.

  2. love all of these photos! looks like a wonderful time.


  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Love the family pic. And "sandy toes" is priceless!