Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiz is back

Dust the cobwebs off her url, cause Tiz is back and ready to charm! Here she is drawing - a skill she just picked up in the last week or so. Her other talents inlclude singing (she has an extensive vocabulary), running behind a little plastic car Mom & Dad got her (she's not quite walking on her own yet) and playing the piano. As you can see, she's also been working on a mouthful of teeth. There's another film in the works, so I will hopefully have it up in the next week or two.

Besides loving this little girl so much we can't stand it, our world is mostly status quo. We have abandoned our building project... turned out to be too much of a project for new parents. We'll be working on some new growth strategies for Moveable Feast in the coming months, so who knows what the year will bring.

Hope everyone is well. Post a comment to say hello! All the best for the New Year from Tiz, Kim & Me!

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  1. Our girl has grown so much and her smile makes the sun shine for us. We are sending lots of kisses and hugs.