Sunday, October 22, 2006

rite of passage

It has been observed that there are two kinds of ladies in this world... the ones who have gotten the blue box, and the ones who haven't. That's right... the iconical blue box from Tiffany & Co. has arrived on Tiz's crib-step. It's a moment many women wait a lifetime for. Tiz hasn't been around a month yet, and she's already graduated. Clearly, she is destined for greatness.

These utensils were a gift from Dave and Theresa Jaeger. Nice.


  1. What a nice gift! Max got a spoon in the light blue box, and I was conflicted about whether or not I was supposed to use it or save it for something.

    Then one day I couldn't find his rubber spoon, and I took the silver spoon out of its box. It felt so luxurious that I had to keep repeating the experience.

    Now the Tiffany's silver spoon is a bit scratched and scuffed, but we had a lot more fun with it than if it had been left for posterity untouched in the box.

    Let me know if Tiz ends up using hers!

  2. According to the gift-givers, thier daughter uses hers and loves them. I probably wouldn't have used them if he hadn't told me that, but now I will for sure.