Wednesday, October 4, 2006

uncommon bond

This is really unbelievable. About a year and a half ago, this girl named Candice called looking for someone to do some catering for her work. We began a professional relationship and eventually became friends, Kim and I and she and her husband, Chris going to dinner once in a while and hanging out. In March, Candice called to place a catering order and told me the good news... she was pregnant. "No kidding..." I replied, "So is Kim!" Candice asked who Kim's doctor was, and when we realized they both went to the same practice, the questions began flying. When's she due... where's she delivering... are you going to find out the gender? Turned out she and Kim were due within 2 weeks of each other, so as the weeks went by we all learned about the process together, spending hours on the phone and around dinner tables getting used to the idea of becoming parents. In the end, as unbelievable as it should have been, no one was very surprised when the doctor called both Kim and Candice into the hospital on the same day. Candice and Chris' son, Greyson James Ellensohn, was born on September 27th, 2006... just a few hours before Tizzy Kay.

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  1. No Way!!! Tiz is going for dual citizenship... Max is her man!