Thursday, April 24, 2008


When you're a new parent you get barraged by all the parenting cliches. "It goes so fast" they all say... and wow, we've learned, it really does. "You never knew you could love anything that much", they said and no, we didn't. But now we do. Well, today we learned that the old adage, "It only takes a second" applies just as well. Tiz and I are down visiting my folks and helping out while dad recovers from heart surgery. Perhaps out of sympathy for Grandpa, Tiz decided to launch herself off the back of a rocking chair face-first into a hardwood door. I saw the whole thing (if you're a parent, you know the drill)... the chair tipping and my stomach twisting as over she went in slow motion, just not slow enough for me to get there in time to do anything but pick her up off the floor. She howled as blood gushed into her little batting eye and down the front of my shirt as I carried her to the kitchen sink for triage. Dad rushed to help out and kept me calm as we assessed the wound and decided to drive her to the hospital ourselves. Once there, Tiz took 6 stitches like a champ and within minutes she was waving 'bye' and blowing kisses to all the nurses. What a brave little girl.

A kiss from Grandma makes everything better...

And in this corner, weighing in at 33 pounds...

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  1. Holy cow, Tiz! That is one trophy you've got there. Scars are so cool - you need to make up a dramatic story to go with it.