Friday, April 25, 2008

not as bad as it looked

I realized after looking at yesterday's posts that Tiz's injury looked a lot worse in the photos, so here are a few updated shots now that we've been able to clean it up a bit. The surgeon did a great job with the stitches and with any luck, the scar will be really minimal.

Well, I guess these photos don't look that much better. You just have to see it in person. It's funny when she reaches up and touches the ends of her stitches and says, "Hair?" in her little voice. She must think we got her eyebrow extensions.


  1. Mattie: those photos reminded me of several of Dane's first spills...Ouch and I can feel the stomach turning once again...We definetely have to get some super creme for this one! I'll start cooking my own special sauce up in the kitchen for that one.

    be well and the best to your get yourselves home in one piece!

    ps Great fish stories!

  2. I have to say, that does look bad. And Kim must have been freaking since she was too far away to help!

    Lucia bit through her tongue last week, after banging her chin on the coffee table, and I must have cried as much as she did.