Wednesday, April 20, 2011


(Booming announcer voice): Well kids, we have a very special guest for you tonight.  It is my pleasure to introduce, direct from beautiful Maui, Hawaii, internationally acclaimed waterman and Naish Team rider, David Kalamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

OK... I am exaggerating a tiny bit.  Dave's not really here.  But I did email him to ask for some SUP training advice and I have to admit, I was pretty psyched when he promptly emailed back.  More than psyched, actually... I was downright star struck. I mean, Dave's been a hero of mine for like 20 years!  I remember seeing photos of him in the windsurfing magazines back when I was in high school, thinking, 'Man, that guy's so cool!'  Well, it turns out, he really is!

Still, you should have seen me, strutting around the Moveable Feast kitchen, pulling up the email on my phone.  I was like, "Oh, look, just got an email from Dave Kalama.  Yeah, you know, he's just checkin' in about some surf stuff we've been workin' on."  I waved the phone around the room so everyone could see Dave's name right there in my inbox.  Unfortunately, the significance of this event was somewhat lost on my audience.  Our Mexican cooks just held up their hands, palms up, and were like, "Quien es Dave Kalama?"  So, that's why I'm telling you guys.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to talk about SUP technique, and when it comes to that Dave's site is the best resource I've found on the web.  If we're going to go throw down against those guys from Wisconsin, Michigan and even (gasp) Minnesota (they're like, lumberjacks!!!), we better make a good show for the hometown.  And even if you're not into racing, you can learn a ton from Dave's blog.  I know one of the big selling points of SUP is that it's so easy to learn and anyone can do it, but there's a difference between doing it and doing it well

That's where Dave's site comes in.  I have learned a ton from reading the posts on Dave's Blog and I would recommend that anyone serious about SUP spend some serious time at

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