Friday, June 24, 2011

good, bad & ugly

I've been quite busy with work the last few weeks, but I'm happy to report that my training has proceeded right on schedule.  I'll have more time in July to post and will fill you in on specifics of what I'm doing and learning, but let's just say it's been mostly good, a little bad and a tiny bit ugly. 

Good sums up the progress I feel I'm making.  Bad is the bruised rib I suffered when I fell onto my board the other day doing a drop-tail turn in 20 knot wind.  Ugly are the scratches on the Javelin from when I dropped it on the concrete while favoring said bruised rib.  Man, I hate that first scratch on a new board, but I have to say I thought the damage was going to be worse when it happened... these Naish boards are the shizzle

Dad's in town so I had him shoot some video of me paddling so I could analyze my stroke.  Looks like I could move a bit forward in my foot positioning to level out the board.  Learning every day... Gotta love it!  Hope you're getting out on the water.

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