Friday, September 9, 2011

wcw paddle is on for THIS SUNDAY!

     OK, here we go... The weather's looking stellar for this Sunday, so the Windy City Waterman Stand Up for Charity Paddle is on!  Unfortunately, Kevin won't be able to join us due to his back injury, but Dimitry and I are all set to undertake the challenge and give it everything we've got.

     As you can see, we've plotted a new 50-mile route, one that takes us along the entire Chicagoland lakefront.  Our original plan was to cross the lake from St. Joseph, Michigan, but somewhere along the way we realized that paddling out in the middle of the lake is, well, kind of anti-social.  With this new route, we can invite paddlers from anywhere along the way to come out and join us for a bit.   If you'd like to come and paddle with us, keep an eye on this blog during the day on Sunday to see when we'll be passing by your local launch.  We'd love to have some company along the way.

     Our plan is to launch at 5:30 AM from Rosewood Beach in Highland Park, paddle south to Evanston, then head offshore to pass outside the Harrison-Dever Crib.  Once we round the crib we'll continue south to around 60th Street, where we'll make a turn and head back north toward our landing spot at Dempster Beach in Evanston.

     I am super excited to be finally getting our big paddle underway.  I hope many of you will come out to paddle with us or join us for our landing on Sunday evening.  As always, THANKS to everyone for your support of the Windy City Waterman project and I hope we've inspired you to push yourself to and beyond your own limits in your paddling or at whatever you do.  See you on the water.

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