Saturday, September 23, 2006

out of our element

M - It's Saturday, week before, and I've finished my last day of work before Tizzy arrives. I'm actually really nervous right now. No more distractions to keep me from thinking about the enormous changes we're about to go through, not to mention the birth itself (if I'm nervous, I can't imagine how Kim feels!) and all the firsts we have in store. The first feedings... the first nap (is she still breathing???)... the terrifying first bath, punctuated by shouts of, "Be careful!!!", "Watch her head!!!", and "Don't drown her!!!" This ain't whisking the roux... It's a whole new world.

I keep trying to check myself to avoid full-on panic, asking, "How hard can it be?" I mean, people do it all the time. And it's not like we're incapable folks. We've managed to succeed in an industry known for devouring independents like us and sending once hopeful and empassioned foodies to financial ruin. We oversee a whole staff of people. We organize events for thousands of guests each and every weekend. This should be a piece of cake!

Who am I kidding... We're in way over our heads!

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  1. love your thoughts and you will do just fine. it's the humility that makes you a success and you guys show it already. you both give so much to the world- I can't imagine what Tizzy will bring!!