Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's in a name?

M - This is the original Tizzy. She doesn't look that feisty, does she? Well, apparently she was. Tizzy was Kim's great-grandmother, who, in a bold move for the era, divorced her husband over his tendency to drink too much and ride the rails (honestly, it worries me somewhat that we are idolizing this lady... I mean, tossing back a few cold ones and hopping a freight car to points unknown doesn't sound to me like a terrible way to spend a weekend, but I digress). Tizzy went on to raise her 2 children alone in the midst of the great depression. Her given name was Mary Elizabeth, and her daughter, Kim's Grandmother, was Kathleen Elizabeth, another strong woman who was a great role model for all the young women who came after her. We borrowed a little from each of them and the result seems to fit our restless little girl... she's been dancing around in utero so much that it seems she's often in a tizzy. The name also worked for us because of it's versatility... Tizzy Kay is fun and playful and well suited to the pro windsurfer /artist we envision our daughter to become, and Elizabeth or any of its variations will work if, heaven forbid, she decides to be a banker or lawyer or (gasp!) some stiff-collared, corporate stooge. Anyway, what's in a name? We just can't wait to meet her.

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