Saturday, May 28, 2011


Except for getting a new board, not much beats the anticipation of packing up for a day on the water.  I love the process of loading the van with all the gear, the excitement building as you organize and gather everything.  My favorite thing about this shot, though?  It's that tiny wetsuit hanging there on the left.
My four-year-old daughter Tizzy is as stoked for spring as any of us.  She couldn't wait to pull on her suit and get out on the lake last weekend.
She's comfortable going pretty far from shore, too.  This is one of my favorite things about stand up... it's a great way to introduce kids to the water.
"Look, Mom, no hands!"  Tizzy is ready to rock.  The next wavy day, I'll paddle her into a few and see how she does.  What an awesome parenting experience, sharing the freedom and adventure of the water with your kids.  One more reason this is going to be a great summer.  But enough blogging for now... have to go out and load the van... Tomorrow it's back to the beach.
But before I go, a long overdue THANK YOU to my wife and lead staff photographer, Kim, for all her support and her talent behind the lens.  You're the best, Kim!

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