Monday, May 23, 2011

technical difficulties

Sorry, but this post is more about what you're missing than what you're getting.  After an epic day yesterday I loaded the girls, the gear, and some snacks and we all headed to the beach today.  It was a second day of perfection... 85 degrees, sunny with those fluffy midwest clouds, windy.  I was all set to have a great time and capture it all on film.
 Unfortunately, the GoPro had a different agenda in mind.  After these three shots it took while I was adjusting the settings, it decided to refrain from any further effort. 
I dropped into the 50 degree water several times to try and make the thing work, even regaling the contraption with some colorful language, but to no avail.  I was really bummed, because it was a west wind, which means you're sailing right into the Chicago skyline and it's an amazing view that most people don't often get to see.  I'll try to capture it for you soon...  More wind and waves coming later this week, so get ready!  See you on the water.

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