Thursday, August 4, 2011

fun surf day

This week is going great.  We had a strong Southwest wind on Tuesday, so I did a training paddle from Evanston to Montrose and back, a 13-mile loop.  The first leg was straight into the wind, gusting into the mid-twenties.  It was a tough workout that took me almost 2 hours.  The trip home was a super fun downwinder.  The Naish Glide is such a great board for catching the bumps... what a great time!

Then yesterday it was back to the beach for some surf.  The wind had shifted to the North and blown all night, so we had some nice waves.  I met up with Al and Ed for an afternoon surf session.   Unfortunately, my Naish Mana is being repaired after being vandalized, so I ended up surfing the 14' Glide.  I was amazed how much fun it was cruising down the line on that huge board. 

Here's Ed Coyne working hard...

... and relaxin' with equal enthusiasm.

Al's digging in here to catch a nice one...

... and he got it!

Me, sliding down the face...

... and, that's a wrap.  See you next time.

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