Sunday, March 18, 2012

RIP currents

Thanks to Bob Pratt of Great Lakes Surf Rescue for turning me on to this video.  So many drownings on the Great Lakes are blamed on RIP currents, and educating people on how to deal with RIPs is the first step to preventing deaths in the water.  

I've been in RIPs on Lake Michigan more times than I can remember, whether getting accidentally caught in them or using them to pull me out through the break when surfing.  Every time I experience one I find myself amazed at how powerful they are.  Even for a seasoned water person, there is simply no swimming against them.  I always imagine how scary it must be for a novice swimmer to find themselves being swept out into deep water with no idea of what to do or if they'll be able to make shore again.  

If you go anywhere near the Lake, watch this video.  You'll learn that RIP's are to be respected, but not feared.  Be safe out there.  See you on the water. 

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