Friday, March 30, 2012

training tips from Dave Kalama

If you recall, last year I posted about one of the great watermen of all time, Dave Kalama.  Well, Dave has recently started posting his workouts on his facebook page.  I've copied today's workout below... check it out and if you want to learn more about what Dave's doing, you can like his fan page on Facebook.  I'm going to try this workout this afternoon... I'll let you know how it goes.

Dave's Workout:

This workout is designed to be done on a beach (barefoot); the benefits of training in sand for SUP board control and balance are maximized on sand. But, if you don't have a beach, use your local park, your yard... or... I hate to say it... your gym :) Try to jog about 50-100 yards in between each round of exercises.

- 5 sets pushups to 80% of "fatigue" (don't go until failure, but about 1-2 repetitions before failure). In between each set of pushups, do a moderate 30 yard jog at 60% pace. I like to do these jogs backwards, sideways (hopping sideways), karaoke style or extended stride (lengthened jog strides). This loosens up your hips and works more muscles in your quads, glutes and calves then just standard jogging.

- 2 sets maximum pull ups on a tree limb.

- 2 sets of seated "dips:" Find a log or bench. Put your palms on the bench and hang your rear over the edge. Lower your behind to the ground 30 times, flexing your triceps at the top.

- 1/4 mile breathing exercise. This isn't just for big-wave surfers! It is for your cardiovascular stregth AND your mental focus. Beginning at a count of 1 (unless you have done this with me, if you know your number, begin higher), hold your breath while very lightly running. Then, breath for the same count while jogging lightly. Do this in rounds for about 1/4 mile. While you are doing this drill, think of nothing, don't even think of thinking of nothing; simply release your mind to emptiness. The idea is to find a number that is strenuous but doesn't take you anywhere close to passing out. Most folks will find a 3-5 count challenging. I may do a 6-10 count.

- 15 "stepovers" on each leg: Find a log about 6-18" high. Resting one foot on top, move the other foot from one side of the log to the other as quickly as possible. This is essentially a speed and balance drill.

- 200 lunges

- 20 "log jumps:" Find a log about 12" high. Put both hands on the log in a way that will allow you to balance your body briefly over it. With your body parallel the log, and both legs together (ankles close together) on one side, jump your feet quickly back and forth over the log KEEPING your core tight/abs flexed. This is a core strength/stability drill.

- 350 stomach crunches. Any variation of stomach crunches here. We will go into more detail in a later post, as that is a longer topic :)

- 2 X 40 yard bear crawls: Hands and feet touching the ground, race 40 yards like your 2 year old child would (just not with your knees on the ground!).

- 2 X 30 yard hill sprints.

That's it... for the beach workout for today.

1:00 pm I will still get a 9 Mile Downwind SUP paddle in.

Nice work if you get either of these in today. Keep it up.

Mahalo, Dave.

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