Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bart de Zwart... at it again...

Bart de Zwart is crossing the English Channel right now.

One endurance paddler who has inspired me over they past few years is Bart de Zwart.  He paddles for Starboard and runs the Kanaha Kai shop on Maui.  His first big expedition that caught my interest was a circumnavigation of Maui some years ago.  Since then he's done a bunch of amazing crossings and distance paddles.  Right now - and I do mean right now, as I write this - he's somewhere in the North Atlantic crossing from England to The Netherlands... a distance of over 300km.  He's been out there for about 18 hours so far, and he's still 20 or so km from his landing point.  Check out his blog from the link below for some inspiration, then come back and tell me what you want to do on the paddle board this year!

Bart's SUP blog: Finally a ship spotted him out there, May 31st 201...: TheSpot WaterSport Center in Zandvoort/Holland just got a call from the Dutch coast guard that a ship spotted Bart 25km outside Zandvoort. I...

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