Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the family that SUPs together...

When my daughter Tizzy was a newborn, we got so sick of hearing people say, "Enjoy it... it goes so fast."  Well, we soon realized that, "Wow... they were right, it really does!"  So now I make an effort to grab every moment I can with this little lady before we lose her to grade school and friends and summer camps and all that.  The beach is the one place where the pace of life slows down enough for us all to catch our breath.
Of course, I mean 'catch our breath' as a figure of speech.  Tizzy's as teeming for adventure as I am and can't wait to get in the water.

We rarely go home without a story to tell.  Today it's the tale of the seagull that stole our $16 gourmet chocolate bar right out from under our umbrella.  To add insult to injury, the little bastard didn't even finish it.

But no worries... we're not going to cry over a lost chocolate bar.  Tizzy's like a little Brian Talma... ACTION!

But first I had to convince her that swimming in the 53-degree water was not a recommended activity.  She went in anyway.  I did not join her.
Later she agreed to join me for a sprint workout, which worked out for both of us.  She got a fun ride and I got my heart pumping.
... and finally, a little relaxin' with Mom.  The girls enjoy some girl time while I go out for my training paddle.  
So what's the moral of this story?  Slow down.  Take a day to be together.  Instead of 'checking in'... 'check out'.  The sand and the sun and the water are all you need.  Anytime you want to join us for a day at the beach, we'll be there.  See you then.

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