Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the standup world series is coming to CHICAGO

While we have a bunch of cool events happening in Chicago this year, I am super stoked about this one.  The Standup World Series will be going off at North Avenue Beach the first weekend of July.  My buddy Ian from Great Lakes Board Company is hosting the event and says, "We're so excited to have such a high-profile race coming to Chicago."

This event will be attended by the top racers in the world, so for local paddlers it's a rare opportunity to get on the water with all your heros.  Here's the schedule:

Saturday 30 June 2012:
10am - 1pm: Na Kama Kai Youth Clinic
5pm: Registration
7pm: Opening event

Sunday 1st July 2012
8am - 9.30am: Athlete check in ~ Sprint race
10am: Briefing ~ Sprint race
10.15am - 4.30pm: First possible start - Sprint race
4.30pm: Awards on beach
7pm: Evening social event at Castaways.

Monday 2nd July 2012
8am: Athlete check in ~ Long distance race
10am: Briefing ~ Long distance race
9am - 12.00pm: Family relays, fun racing and media and celebrity challenges
1pm - 3.30pm: Long distance race
4.30pm: Awards on beach
7pm: Closing event & overall awards ceremony.

If you want to register, click here.  Hope to see you there!

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