Friday, June 22, 2012

good work

My friend Christoph has a really cool project slated for this summer called 'Paddle Board for the Cure'.  He'll be paddling over 500 miles over the course of the season all dedicated to Bear Necessities, an amazing charity that benefits pediatric cancer.  Among other events, Christoph will be joining me on my Lake Michigan crossing, slated for this August.  Keep an eye on this blog for details, coming soon.

Christoph is a marketing guru, so he's put up a pretty slick website where you can learn all about what he's up to.  To find out more about Bear Necessities, just watch the short video below.  It's shocking to learn that only 3% of all the money going to cancer research is focused on pediatric cancer.  These kids need more help than they're getting right now, so please give something if you can.

In local news, I've been crazy busy at work this week so I'm suffering a lack of training, rest, proper nutrition, hydration and anything else a smart athlete does to prepare for a big event.  The thought that I'll be paddling in the Stand Up World Series race coming up next weekend has me feeling pretty anxious.   Hopefully I'll be getting back on track once we get through this week.  

One thing's for certain, if this forecast holds I'll be catching a few waves on Monday... Thanks for reading and I'll see you at the beach.  

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