Wednesday, June 6, 2012

an old-school hero and some AWT action

Do you remember this guy???

No?  Well, that's Ian Boyd.  He was a pretty awesome windsurfer back when I got into the sport (uh, we're talking 'going-to-see-the-new-film-back-to-the-future' days).  He was a solid performer on the PWA tour and an inspiration to weekend warriors like myself.  These days, Ian runs a digital media studio in California called Cosmic Planet.

Being an amateur videographer myself, I've enjoyed watching Ian's videos.  He's pretty creative and manages to pull off a lot of interesting points-of-view working mostly with a GoPro camera, as I do.  The following video is a highlights film he shot of the recent AWT event at Waddell Creek.  By the way, if you don't know about it, the American Windsurfing Tour was resurrected in 2010 after like a 15- or 20-year hiatus, and is the only professional windsurfing comp held on the American mainland.  Pretty awesome.

As Ian mentions on his Vimeo page, the crew at this event "ripped the top off Waddell with a level of wave sailing performance never seen before at that beach."  When I watch this video I'm struck and humbled by the speed, commitment and power that these sailors bring to some pretty sloppy conditions.   It's amazing how far the sport has progressed... Enjoy.

BTW... This vid was not shot on a GoPro... check out Ian's other videos to see some of his GP work.

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