Tuesday, July 10, 2012

racing, racing, racing and a quick interview

     With my work schedule it's impossible for me to participate in as much of the Midwest SUP Race Series as I'd like, so I pretty much cram all my racing into the month of July.  Right now I'm in the middle of my intense three-week race season and there have been ups and downs.  I was pleased with my performance at the Chicago stop of the Standup World Series last week, but if I tasted the thrill of victory there, this past Saturday at Lake Geneva was a healthy dose of the agony of defeat.  I finished 8th in the 14-foot class after no less than 5 falls during the race.  We had had a brutal week with temps in the high 90's during which I had done a couple full days of intense manual labor clearing fallen trees in my yard after last week's storms, so I'm going to chalk my poor performance up to fatigue and probable dehydration.  I'm not big on making excuses, so I'll just say that I'm going to make sure I get more rest and take care of myself before this weekend's race in Madison.  If any trees come down this week, they'll be staying where they lay until Monday!

     There was only one pro at the race, young Vanina Walsh from KM boards.  Still, pretty cool that she and her Dad came all the way from Hawaii to check out the Great Lakes scene.  This weekend in Madison I'm going to shoot some interviews with a bunch of the top LOCAL racers as well, so look forward to meeting them next week.  In the meantime, rest, hydrate and visualize that win (or at least a personal best) as you prepare for the big race this weekend.

     PS I wanted to try posting a vid directly to blogger instead of embedding from Vimeo just to see how the quality was.  You can still see this video and all my others on the Windy City Waterman channel on Vimeo by clicking THIS.

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