Sunday, July 29, 2012

SUP YACS & a teaser

     Remember, tomorrow is the SUP YACS race at Montrose Beach... if you haven't registered you can still show up by 8:30 and get in on the fun.  If you don't want to race, there will be yoga on the beach, clinics, a band and fun throughout the day so get down there.  I'll be racing then hanging out, so come say hello if you can make it.

     This photo of Connor Baxter has been making the rounds on Facebook... here he's catching a big swell during a training session for the upcoming Molokai2Oahu race.  I had the pleasure of meeting Connor earlier this summer and we had a few things in common... well now we have one more.  Want to find out what it is?  Keep an eye on the blog... there's some news coming soon!

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